Welcome to the official website for Mr. Kilner's Honors and General Chemistry classes. On this site, you will find assignments, attachments, links and various other resources that will help guide you or supplement your learning in my classroom. I am available for extra help between 7-7:40am most mornings and occasionally during other periods throughout the day (your best bet is to check with me directly).

Chemistry isn't for everyone. Its a tough course that incorporates many different skills and knowledge bases. Some find it very easy with minimal work while others find it very difficult. The work you put in, the questions you ask and the extra help you receive will determine how well you do in the course.  Remember, I don't give you your grade, you earn your grade.

Required Text:
Modern Chemistry
Holt, Rinehart and Winston

*The online textbook linked to the left is a newer version. While the chapters and subjects line up almost perfectly, the questions at the back of the chapter do not.