A great read for parents;
        Wonderful Ways to Love A Child by Judy Ford

        "Really Love Yourself"                                " Listen from Your Heart"    "Ask Their Opinions"
        "Allow Them to Love Themselves"         " Speak Kindly"                        "Learn From Them"
        "Learn About Parenting"                           " Encourage, Encourge"       "Say Yes as Often as Possible"
        "Handle with Care"                                     " Try to Understand"               " Say No When Necessary"
        " Give Your Pressence"                              " Answer Their Questions"    " Honor Their Noes"
          " Celebrate Mistakes"                                   "Admit Your Mistakes"        "Touch Gently"
        "Teach That All Feelings are Acceptable"  "Speak to Their True Feelings"  "Let Them Cry"
        "Don't Hide Your Tears"                            "Make Room for the Crankies and Quarrels"        " Teach Values by Example"
        "Honor Their Differences"                        " Share Your Dreams"