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Creative Director is looking for creative director who possesses outstanding management, communication, and organization skills, and a thorough understanding of art department dynamics within game development.


  • Ability to communicate with both engineering and the art departments

  • Enthusiasm for working closely with Artists to understand and support their needs

  • Ensuring the quality and style of the gameplay, artwork, music and audio assets


  • A minimum of 5 years management experience

  • Comprehensive knowledge of 3D content creation software, especially 3DS Max/Maya as well as 2D content creation software, especially Photoshop

  • Attention to detail, with skills to create plans that set up success for the future.

  • High skill level in multiple Technical Art roles and responsibilities.

  • Strong communications and organizational skills

  • Able to manage a large team of artists in a dynamically changing game production environment

  • Able to interact as part of a team and to contribute to increasing productivity goals and efficiencies

  • Able to successfully deconstruct broad feature goals into prioritized tasks

  • Able to build consensus on overall goals and balance resource allocation based on project goals and individual ability

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