Intensive Yurt Building and Solar Panel making Course:

To all those interested in learning how to build their own Nomadic Home: Wendy's Yurts are pleased to announce another TWO Intensive Yurt building courses combined with a solar panel making workshop. 

The first course will take place from Friday 26th July to Sunday 28th July 2013

The second course will take place from Friday 2nd of August to Sunday 4th of August 2013.

It is possible to book only the Yurt making component or only the Solar Panel making component. Please see below for details.

On this course you will learn everything you need to build your own Yurt using our well equipped and extensive workshop at Fala Hall Farm. You will also learn how to produce your own off grid electricity to power your yurt. So please get in touch!

Course content:

Each day includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea, coffee and biscuits! There is the option to stay in a cosy Yurt for two nights on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, starting 11am:

Yurt introduction: components within a Yurt
Putting up a yurt with full wind defenses
Steam bending walls and roof poles
Getting cozy in your yurt, building a good fire to last the night


How to design trellis walls
Tying strong knots

Yurt calculator
Canvases, cutting and sewing
Popper Yurt maintenance and 
regular checks


Solar Panel Building
Crown construction, options and steam bending

Course Location:

This residential course takes place at our workshop in Midlothian, Scotland. There are easy links from Edinbugh. The full address is:

Fala Hall Farm
EH37 5SZ

We can offer to bring this course to you for large groups. Please get in touch on 01875 833 359 to discuss this (either Will, Kev or Moggi will be able to help you).

Course costs:

Full three day bookings are £180. One or two days individually can be booked for £60 per day.

Please call 01875 833 359 or email to make a booking.

Payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

What to bring:

  • We can provide you with something comfy to sleep on but please bring blankets, duvets or sleeping bags
  • Outdoor clothing
  • A woolly jumper for steam bending
  • A craft knife if you have one
  • A note pad with plenty of space for extensive notes

Reviews of our previous courses:

Please see the video that was made during our last course:

This was a most excellent 3 days. We did so much, and all of it was hands on: hard graft, dodging hot things, sewing, tying, steam-bending, mathematical equation; and of course, putting up a yurt and having a wee party! It was great to have time with members of a team of canny yurt builders whose handy work was all around us. On top of all this, first class catering and accommodation and warm hospitality made this really good value for money. I recommend future courses run by these guys and hope they get down to writing a book on it!!


Patient, calm, knowledgeable and knacky, these guys really know what they're doing. It was a pleasure to stay in the house with all the guys, kids, cats and dogs, and sleep out in the yurt as well. Feeling confident to get started on our own soon. Thank you


***Previous courses:***

Wendy's Yurts will be featuring at the following courses:

HARTWOOD Week in the Woods Wood Work and Outdoor Skills Course:

More info:

To Book places for this event click HERE.

To all interested in learning wood work and outdoor skills,

Peaton Glen phone box - you have arrived when you see it!

Hartwood is hosting a Week in the Woods event this year to teach anyone interested in learning all things wood. The event is to take place between Monday July 30th and Friday August 3rdat Peaton Glen Woods, near Helensburgh in Argyll.

We will be holding a series of workshops designed to give you a taste of life in the woods. These will be in things such as:

  • hand tool use and maintenance;
  • making your own tools: e.g. shaving horse, saw horse, pole lathe;
  • fire: collection of materials, log-splitting, making fire, cooking on it, camp fire bread making;
  • shelter construction including workspace and yurt construction;
  • plant and tree identification, discussion of uses;
  • simple tensegrity timber framing;
  • wooden spoon making;
  • wild wine brewing;
  • willow string making;
  • peg loom and making a sheep's wool blanket;
  • two man saws;
  • dry stane dykin'
  • outdoor first aid;
  • sack races;
  • woodland kids games.
Some of these workshops will be ongoing throughout the week and drop in in nature, whilst others will be one off.
Something you might like doing!

The event is kid friendly. Kev (doing spoons and fire) will be bringing his three kids along and some workshops will be aimed at children.

Accomodation is on site. There will be a number of Wendy's Yurts available to stay in included in the price, however, you might have to share these spaces with other people taking part in the event. You can bring a tent if you would prefer.

One of the Wendy's Yurts we will be sheltering in.

The price includes food for the week but you will be expected to chip in with cooking and washing up. We will be arranging a rota of duties for cooking and cleaning for all participants, including us! We will also be making a rota for child minding.

This event will be taking place in a community woodland and as such facilities are basic. There are compost loos and there will be at least one solar shower for the brave. There are streams and burns to wash in. You might get home a bit smelly but at least you'll have learnt something! There is also very limited electricity.

You should bring wellies, waterproofs, sleeping bags and anything you need to be comfortable in a yurt. Bowls, a knife, fork and spoon would also be useful.

The monthly Hartwood/Solas Project meeting is to take place in Peaton Woods on Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5thfor anyone who is interested in sticking around to find out more about Hartwood and our various land activism projects.

Peaton Glen Woods in the summer.

The price is £75 with £50 for a limited number of concessions. Concession rate payers will be expected to help out with set up and take down. Set up is Sunday July 29th and take down will be until Sunday August 5th. Kids can come at the price of £15 to cover food for the week.

There will be a day rate charged at the door for those wishing to visit for individual days. This will be £20 and include lunch and dinner.

To Book places click HERE.