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Digital Challenge #12 - Best GarageBand Song

Congratulations to this week's winners

Judges were looking for a GarageBand song that:

- was original and not copied from another song
- sounded good (melody) and made us want to keep listening
- used a variety of instruments (not just a stock loop)
- was created on an iPad, computer or similar device
- fit the time frame (30-60 seconds)
    Congratulations to Clara from Orchard Middle School for winning this week's digital challenge. She created a very ethereal sounding song using GarageBand that put a smile on our face and left us wanting to hear more. It sounded like it could have been a song performed by Coldplay with a great piano introduction that crescendoed nicely and then tailed off to a pleasing conclusion. Nicely done. Clara received a $15 iTunes card for her prize.

    Second place went to Kolby from Washington Elementary with his funky song that brought us back to the 70's. The only thing missing were the big hats, glasses and Earth, Wind & Fire t-shirts. We also liked the way his song started and ended and it kept us tapping our toes throughout. Great job, Kolby. He will receive a small prize too.

    We had a lot of additional entries but they didn't follow the requirements or we were unable to open the files. Special nod goes to Austin who boldly recorded herself singing on video while using the iPad to play the instruments.

    Listen to the winners below:


    Next week's challenge is which group can record the best GarageBand Jam Session!  Winners will receive a pizza party from Little Caesar's.

    Digital Challenge #11 - Best Forced Perspective
    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner was a student from Columbia Elementary - Judges were looking for a forced perspective image that:
    • was visually appealing, meaning the picture caught the judges' attention
    • contained interesting, original or creative subject matter or location
    • (optional) you may use an app to add graphics

    *Congratulations to our winner who took first place for his great forced perspective image that we titled "Genie in a Bottle". The judges liked the emotion in the face of the person coming out of the cup. The perspective was right on and the picture was framed well so that it looked realistic. Great job! You will receive your selfie stick prize shortly.

    Honorable mention went to Estefanye from Orchard Middle School who had a great image of being plucked up by a huge hand.  We liked the fear in her face and how big the hand looked in comparison with the girl in the doorway.  Good job Estefanye.

    Next week's digital challenge last for two weeks and it's about who can create the best original song.

    *parent permission was given to show Estefanye's image but not the winner's image

    Digital Challenge #10 - Super Bowl Trivia
    This contest is still ongoing since we did not have a winner.

    Digital Challenge #9 - Best Selfie
    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Kaylynn from Abraham Lincoln Elementary - Judges were looking for a selfie that:
    • image is visually appealing, meaning the picture catches the judges' attention
    • it contains interesting, original or creative subject matter or location
    • (optional) you may use an app to add graphics or filters

    Congratulations to Kalynn from Abraham Lincoln Elementary who took first place for her great rainbow selfie. The judges liked how her face filled out the frame and how the washed out rainbow affect enhanced the overall image. The judges liked the Mona Lisa look that Kalynn portrays as well and especially how the selfie was captivating and we didn't lose interest the more we looked it. Great job Kalynn! You will receive your selfie stick prize shortly.

    Jodi, also from Mrs. Nicpan Brown's classroom at Abraham Lincoln Elementary, took second this week. The judges liked the clarity of her image and the 'cuteness' of the placement of her hand and smile. We also appreciated the amount of work that went into the picture and despite the amount of work involved, it didn't look too overdone. Initially, it jumped off the screen and made us say 'wow'. Great job Jodi!

    The judges enjoyed looking at all of the great selfies. The next (Super Bowl) challenge will be posted later today!

    * parent permission was given to post student images online

    Digital Challenge #8 - How-to Video

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Monique from Foothills - Judges were looking for a how-to video that:
    • must be between one and five minutes in length (no short videos)
    • must show us how to do something
    • speaker is engaging and informative
    • video is easy to follow and clear
    • video may be edited to fit timeframe (don't bore the judges with repetitive actions)
    • (optional) can include royalty-free music, titles, graphics, transitions
    The judges liked Monique's pacing, editing, use of music, and professionalism that she showed. It was enjoyable to watch and very well done. Great job Monique! Monique will receive her Apple ear buds soon.

    YouTube Video

    Annalise from Orchard took second this week. The judges liked her very clear video that detailed the steps on how to make a light saber.

    YouTube Video

    The judges enjoyed watching all the videos. This week's digital challenge is see who can take the best selfie.

    Honorable Mention this week went to Austin from Washington Elementary for her knitting video. 

    Digital Challenge #7 - Rube Goldberg Video

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Ethan from Pioneer - Judges were looking for a Rube Goldberg video that:
    • video completes a task
    • video has a 'wow' factor that impresses the judges
    • there is a creative use of materials
    • video is easy to follow and is organized
    • whole event uses at least seven components or actions (for example, five dominoes falling is ONE component)
    • whole video is under three minutes in length
    Ethan's Rube Goldberg video followed the rolling ball on it's way to spilling the dog food into the dog's ball.  The judges liked a lot of elements to it, including the music, titles, editing, pace and originality.  Great job Ethan!

    Honorable Mention went to Rilee at Orchard.  We love your hard work, Rilee.

    YouTube Video

    Digital Challenge #6 - Time Lapse Video

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Alexandria from Orchard - Judges were looking for a time lapse video that:
    • used the iPad to create an original time-lapse video
    • was engaging and interesting to watch
    • had a MAXIMUM time under two minutes
    • used background music that was either original, downloaded from a royalty free music site or used with permission from the artist
    Alexandria's video of her drawing an anime character was very fun to watch and included very well-timed music.  In talking with her she said that was the first time she had drawn that particular character and it was inspired by a Pokemon character that she likes.  What we really liked about Alexandria's drawing was that it was an original piece.

    First runner-up was Abby from Foothills who colored a fish with a great soundtrack to back it up.  We liked the music and the colorful fish.  Abby went a step further and got permission from Norman Greenbaum to use his song "Spirit in the Sky".  Great digital citizenship!

    A few other videos that caught our attention were the Ethan's Rubik's cube and Faith's snowman melting videos.

    Digital Challenge #5 - Short Story

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Abigail from Foothills - Judges were looking for a short story that was:
    • engaging
    • had good grammar and punctuation
    • had good word choice
    • was under 500 words
    • was organized and easy to follow

    Abigail's story was all of those and more.  You can read it below:

    Abigail Short Story

    Our runner-up was Yulissa from Orchard.  Her submission is here:

    Yulissa Short Story

    Digital Challenge #4 - Coding

    There were no winners this week because none of the submission met the judging criteria.

    Digital Challenge #3 - iMovie Trailer

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Alexandra from Pioneer "Super Girls" - Judges were looking for videos that were entertaining and well put together, with authentic videos and images that weren't just taken from the Internet.  Alexandra's trailer was very easy to follow and was humorous and cute.  It told the story of three cousins with super powers and their adventures and had lots of action.  Check it out below.  Alexandra won six Klondike cookie dough ice cream bars for her efforts.

    Super Girls

    Second place went to Kalynn from Lincoln Elementary.  Her trailer was a bit scary but very well produced and edited.  It's worth a watch, but keep the lights on!  We also reward Kalynn with ice cream too.

    The Death of Elizabeth Jones

    Digital Challenge #2 - Family Interview

    Congratulations to this week's winner

    Winner - Annalise "Pie" - Judges were looking for clarity, an engaging story and the correct time length, all of which this short story had.  Annalise interviewed a family member who told us about a Thanksgiving meal during his time in the Navy when he invited his friends over for dinner.  Listen to the story to hear the humorous outcome.  Annalise wins two Little Caesar's pizzas delivered to hear at lunchtime to share with whomever she wishes!

    Second Place - Kalynn "Mariners" - She interview a family member about a favorite childhood memory.  A dance contest and the Mariners were involved.

    Digital Challenge #1 - Best Black and White Photo

    Congratulations to this week's winners

    Winner - Emily B "Sleeping Girl" Pioneer - Judges like the candid shot of the girl with the great lighting and contrast between the ruffles of the blanket and the smooth pillow and hair. This one told a great story without using any words.
    1st runner up - Annalise "Garage with Hoop" - Judges liked the tough gritty look of this picture with the peeling paint and the clarity and lighting of the sky.
    2nd runner up - Annalise  "Alley with Truck" - Judges liked the perspective of this picture and how it led you down the alley toward the mountain. It reminded us of a Depression-era photo with the old truck and rough features.
    Honorable Mention - Abigail D "Frosty Leaf" - We really liked this image because of the frost on the leaf and the blades of grass. This was a great shot of nature.