Wenatchee Football Club
Est. 2014
Nonprofit Organization - 501(c)(3) (pending)

Building Champions for Life WHS Football -- A Blueprint to Building a National Program
We are developing football culture that not only develops football players, but develops our kids into great adults. We are starting with our youth players all the way through high school and beyond. Go Panthers!

A National Program
“Why not us?”
That same question Russell Wilson asked his teammates applies to Wenatchee.
Our ultimate goal is to empower young men with high character and integrity so that they will be incredible sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers. Second, we aim to build Wenatchee High School into a nationally recognized football program. Yes, it’s a great challenge! Bellevue High School did it. Why not us?

Our Mission
Young men today need us -- men that lead lives of integrity, men that love their wives and children, men that love those they coach, men that will teach life lessons and skills using the game of football.
Our youth need real role models, not TV personalities.

With the help of our community, we believe we can empower our children to lead lives of high character and integrity. We will start at the youth level, continue the message in middle school, and build upon it at Wenatchee High -- from age 7 to 18 -- our young men will be leaders in the future.

The how: The mission begins at the local “feeder programs,” Wenatchee Youth Football and our middle schools. Our goal is to grow the youth program from the current number of players (approx. 60) to 150+ players. In turn, these kids will continue playing and grow/improve our current middle school programs.

The “Club”: No membership dues and nothing taken away from Wenatchee High School  Booster Club. Multiple fundraisers, for example: Golf Tournament with auction/raffle, Mom’s Night, Football Alumni Events, Auction parking places (split $ with 
Wenatchee High School  Booster Club), Youth Football Recognition at home game (tickets purchased for game for all youth players, coaches).

To build WHS into a nationally recognized program, we must be able to compete with not only our in-state schools, but those on a national level. Every successful program (not just football) has an active, nonprofit booster club that, basically, follows the same blueprint: Bellevue Football, Bothell Football, Skyline Football, Mercer Island Basketball, and too many to list in California and Texas.
Strength & Conditioning
  • S&C coach -- train the entire athlete (SARQ, testing, specificity)
  • Nutrition planning.
  • “Cutting edge”
  • Injury Prevention
  • Matters the most -- more intense than a game.
  • Coaches must bring higher energy every day.
  • EDD’s are game specific -- 5 EDD’s
  • Defense is priority #1
  • Special Teams.
  • O Tempo & “Get off” are most important -- run game focus
Build Foundation
  • Build/increase feeder programs size: Wenatchee Youth Football, WSD middle schools
  • Involve/Invite players & coaches from feeder programs
  • coaching clinics, best drills, prac. planning
  • invite kids/coaches to game
  • Build a budget through Fundraising events.
  • “Wenatchee Valley Football Club”, 501c3
  • Mission: Grow/strengthen football in Wenatchee
  • Play out of state opponents.
  • Pay stipends for coaches’ time.
  • Pay Strength & Conditioning coach
  • Money for all feeder programs & WHS
  • *No entry fees, no dues, no competition w/ WHS Booster.