About TWC


TWC was founded in 2003 as a regional non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people of southwest New Mexico by bringing resources and programs to the area. Too often, programs and projects would skip the southwest New Mexico area due to a lack of infrastructure or collaborative partnerships needed for a successful approach in rural communities. Originally, the focus was on health care program development, hence the "wellness" coalition.

As TWC grew into the community and developed programs two major service gaps emerged that helped us define our approach to developing community wellness in our area: Youth Development and Nonprofit Development. Since 2007, our Mission Statement reads,

"The Wellness Coalition develops and supports the vitality of the people of 
southwestern New Mexico 
and the community organizations that serve them."

Developing People

Our focus on developing people comes through most visibly in our Youth Corps Programs. Young people are an integral part of a vibrant and healthy community and TWC seeks to equip young people of all ages with the skills and support they need to be successful. We work most directly with our Youth Conservation Corps to train 18-25 year olds in job skills related to the forestry and land management industry, but we are also working with another Cadre of AmeriCorps members who serve at local non-profit agencies meeting community needs from education to health care and more. We are also a proud Youth Volunteer Corps affiliate, creating opportunities for teenagers to engage in community service projects that meet a critical need.

Developing Organizations

We support the hardworking folks in nonprofit and community based organizations who are on the front lines of community change. By hosting group trainings, and sharing resources such as our Copy Center and Resource Library, we help local nonprofits and community based organizations build the skills and capacity to serve our community. We also place AmeriCorps members at partner "Service Sites" giving members a chance to grow professionally while providing needed human resources at local agencies.