Youth Volunteer Corps

Youth Volunteer Corps is an exciting and valuable way for youth ages
11-18 to get involved in their community. 

Our projects are diverse and oriented towards having fun and helping others, and at the same time, we at TWC give our youth access to opportunities, enabling them with experience and valuable skill sets for today's job market. Some of our most note-worthy projects include: 

  • Building community gardens with local garden experts, as well as assisting The Volunteer Center and its mission to create a secure food supply
  • Fundraising for our community partners and TWC through youth-made and youth-directed events
  • Creating expressive murals from paint to clay tiles to enhance public spaces
  • Capturing the progress of our youth's efforts through photojournalism and helping to promote their concerns and passions to a larger audience.

Youth in Action

Not only is our Youth Volunteer Corps program fun and engaging, it also looks great on resumes and college/job applications. It's an excellent way for youth to be involved in our community and to learn real-world skills.