Service Corps Programs

The Wellness Coalition's Corps programs mobilize people and resources and are designed to improve the quality of life for families and youth in southwestern New Mexico. 

TWC embraces a Positive Youth Development framework (PYD). Under this model, youth are an asset to be celebrated, not a problem that needs fixing. By focusing on the strengths of youth and youth culture, we create experiences that provide young people with positive ways to be a part of their community. TWC seeks to support young people in their personal and professional skills development.

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC- Ages 11 to 18): Youth Volunteer Corps is an exciting and valuable way for youth to get involved in their community by doing volunteer service projects. Projects vary, depending upon community needs, yet contain elements of service-oriented learning combined with skill-building. 

AmeriCorps (Ages 17+): Our AmeriCorps program builds the capacity of non-profit partner agencies by placing Corpsmembers in service terms lasting anywhere from 300 to 900 hours. Members build community programs in areas such as domestic violence prevention, conservation education, volunteer management, health care, and more. Members receive a modest living allowance during their term of service as well as an Education Award upon completion of their term.  Go Now

Youth Conservation Corps (Ages 16 to 25): Our Youth Conservation Corps works with partners such as the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, local townships and others to get work done in our parks and public spaces. Most often, our crews (teams of 8 to 10) are working to restore trails and open spaces to a safe and healthy state. Projects include trail building, forest thinning, landscaping, GIS mapping, habitat restoration and more. Crews operate under both grant funded and fee-for-service programs.   Go Now