Title:  How to Study

Description:  Tips for many study skills

Link: http://www.how-to-study.com/Taking%20Notes%20in%20Class.htm


Title: A Strategy for Test Taking

Description: 5 Steps for success when taking a test

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/test-taking-strategy.html


Title: Remembering Information for a Test

Description: How to use Acronyms

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/remembering-information.html


Title: Building Vocabulary

Description:  Use context clues to learn word meanings 

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/building-vocabulary.html


Title:  Multiple Choice Test

Description:  Tips for Success on Multiple Choice Tests

Link:  http://www.educationatlas.com/multiple-choice-tests.html


Title: Writing a Research Paper

Description:  How to put together a good research paper

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/writing-a-research-paper.html


Title:  Good Listening in Class

Description:  Tips on How to Focus During Classroom Instruction

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/listening-in-class.html


Title: BREAK 

Description: Memorizing Technique for Tests

Link: http://coe.jmu.edu/LearningToolbox/break.html


Title:  Memory Principles

Description: Tips to Help you Remember

Link: http://www.mtsu.edu/%7Estudskl/membb/membb.html 


Title: Memory Principles

Description: Quick Reference Guide

Link: http://www.mtsu.edu/%7Estudskl/flash/impflash.html


Title:  Learn all 10 Memory Principles

Description: PowerPoint

Link: http://www.mtsu.edu/%7Estudskl/memexppt.htm


Title: Practicing College Learning Strategies

Description: Practice Using Memory Principles

Link: http://www.mtsu.edu/%7Estudskl/flow/flow.html


Title: Educational Atlas

Description:  The Study Guide for Students

Link: http://www.educationatlas.com/study-skills.html


Title:  The Learning ToolBox

Description:  Choose a study skill and learn how to improve your skills

Link:  http://coe.jmu.edu/learningtoolbox/studentstart.htm