Kia ora Year 10s!

2018 is a big year for you with many changes. My job as your Dean, alongside your Tutor Teacher, is to ensure you are making the most of your time here at Wellington College. 

Junior Assessment Framework
For information on our junior assessment system please click here

Nga Mihi,
Mr Peter Maitland

Dean's Announcments

  • Keep updated with the latest in discussion topics during Tutor Time and Pastoral Care Time (PCT), as well as other news for Year 10s.

    Year 10 Streaming

    Academic classes have been created which are named after native NZ trees.  These will be used for English, Science, Social Studies, Health & Physical Ed and Technology:  

    - 10Kowhai & 10Matai are the streamed classes for Advanced Science studying Cambridge & NCEA L1 respectively. Maths is streamed separately from the academic classes.
    - 10Rimu is the only streamed English class, based on Year 9 English attainment.  There is no Year 10 Literacy class.  Students take Integrated Studies by invitation only.
    - Mixed ability classes: 10Rata, 10Kauri, 10Towai, 10Whau, 10Toro, 10Inaka, 10Totara, 10Miro, 10Karaka & 10Karo.  

    Contact the Year 10 Dean, Pete Maitland if you have any queries.

Appeals Process


Students have the right to appeal any assessment-related decisions, including breaches of the rules, missed and late assessments, as well as grades awarded for assessments. Appeals are to be made within five school days from the time of the event, or once assessed work is returned and gone over by the teacher. For all appeals, an ‘Appeal Application Form 2017’ is to be completed by the student and handed to the appropriate HOD to process. Mr Thorp may be involved in the decision if needed. The decision made on the Appeal by the HOD/Mr Thorp will be final.

Click here for the appeal application form.