Year 10 Outdoor Education Experience 2018

Welcome to the information area for the 2018 Year 10 Outdoor Education Program, which runs from 3 - 5/6 Dec, (Week 8, Term 4) 2018.

The groups for 2018 can be found below. These have been updated as at 27th Sept. You will need to be logged in to your school gmail to open the document.

These final, correct lists have been updated on Friday 30th Nov.

Student allocations by group here.

Student allocations - alphabetical list here

Information for all trips can be accessed from the links to the left, relevant to the individual trips. This information includes copies of the information letter that you were emailed in Term 3. That's where you'll find a link to the health & consent form for your trip.

Payment and completed health & consent forms are due on the first day of Term 4.

Year 12 Leaders - more info here.

The general information sheet that was emailed in May 2018 isĀ here.

Here are some highlights from last year. Highlights from previous years can be found to the left.