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Welcome to the Wellington College Academy of Sport

At Wellington College we have a large number of high performing athletes. These young men put a great deal of time and effort into their sport and often achieve success at the highest level. As a school we have a commitment to helping these young men excel. 

The Wellington College vision states ‘It has high expectations for success for all students. Its mission is to inspire students to develop their talents, to reach well beyond the ordinary…’. 

Vision of the WC Academy of Sport

To identify and support students to reach their potential as outstanding sportsmen and outstanding young men

  • Provide a long-term, sustainable development pathway for keen sportsmen
  • Encourage students to develop a holistic view of training i.e. not just the physical
  • Develop an aspirational mindset that will ensure students reach their potential
  • Create a motivating environment that encourages excellence
  • Encourage students to become self-managing athletes


Student Expectations

Selection into the Academy of Sport is a privilege. Students will be given every opportunity to excel. It is therefore expected that students take this opportunity seriously and put every effort into becoming the best that they can be. If a student is not doing this their place in the academy will be reviewed.
Strength and Conditioning
In 2017 the school appointed a full-time strength and Conditioning coach.  The primary role of the S&C coach is to work directly with the motivated student with in the Academy to develop their physical capability and monitor their wellness over the seasons.  
Structure of the Academy
The WC Academy of Sport will run a two tier system.

Tier 1 students will take the Academy as an option subject and therefore will be given curriculum time (in-school time) to develop both physically and mentally. The focus will be on general sporting components such as nutrition, fitness testing, training, goal setting etc. They will also team up with Tier 2 students for the sport specific technical and tactical training.

Tier 2 students (along with the Tier 1 students) will take part in sport specific technical and tactical training which will take place out of school time. These sessions will be run by experts and will consist of one or two sessions per week. The WC sports clubs will play a part in developing the programmes for each sport and funding experts/coaches to run the sessions. Each of the major sports will aim to have a junior academy training group (Yr9 - 10) of between 20 - 30 students and a senior group (Yr11 - 13) of a similar number.



Frank Crist Centre
The recently completed Frank Crist Centre is packed full of high quality equipment suitable for a wide range of athletes. From the beginner athlete focusing on technique and core development to the well developed athlete aiming to develop strength and power - this centre provides
a safe and motivating environment for all
committed athletes. 

The Frank Crist Centre includes:
  • Weights Room
  • Cardio Room
  • Physiotherapy Room
  • Classrooms
Sir Ron Brierley Turf
The artificial turf is a state of the art surface suitable for a range of sports (including full contact sport). Members of the WC Academy of Sport will use the SRB Turf on a regular basis. It is an outstanding facility that offers a consistent training surface all year round.