Private School Applications

The guidance office at Wellesley Middle School is happy to help expedite the private school process by sending transcripts and letters of recommendation to private schools. Please note that most private schools will provide families with their own recommendation forms to give to teachers, or will email teachers directly.  We do not use private school recommendation forms or accept electronic requests for recommendations. To have an organized process, Wellesley Middle School uses our own standard secondary school recommendations forms that we distribute to the Math and English teachers, and guidance counselor. Therefore, please do not submit or email private school forms to teachers directly.  Private schools accept our process.   

In order to expedite this process efficiently, please complete the following steps: 
  • Complete a release form (attached below) and return to Ms. Peg Toce, guidance secretary, Room 312, or by emailing the form to her at  Our release form includes a provision that parents waive the right of access to the letters of recommendation. 
  • Have your child complete the attached student activity form (attached below) and return to Ms. Toce in room 312, or email it to her attention. This form assists the guidance counselor in completing a recommendation. 
  • Drop off a large (10” x 13”) stamped mailing envelope for each school your child is applying to. Address the envelope(s),  however leave the return address. blank. $2.00 postage should be added to the envelope(s).
  • Submit the release form, envelopes, and student activity form to correspond with the deadline dates below.  Teachers need two school weeks upon receipt of the recommendation request to complete the recommendation. Teachers are not expected to complete recommendations over school vacation weeks. 
Here are the deadlines to drop off materials by: 

  • By November 15 for December 15 
  • By December 3 for January 2 
  • By December 14 for January 15 
  • By January 2 for a February 1 
Questions should be directed to  Peg Toce, guidance secretary at or 781-446-6235, ext. 5816. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Kate Mahoney, Department Head of Guidance, 781-446-6250, ext. 5719

Tara Dufour,
Oct 6, 2015, 6:53 AM
Tara Dufour,
Oct 6, 2015, 6:53 AM