The guidance office at Wellesley Middle School helps families expedite the private school process by emailing transcripts and letters of recommendation to private schools.

In order to begin the process, two forms need to be completed and the emailed to guidance secretary Margaret Toce at These forms should be submitted well in advance of private school deadlines.

  • Release form (attached at bottom of this page and completed by parent or guardian)

  • Student activity form (attached at bottom of this page and completed by student )

Important information about our process:

  • Teachers and counselors need at least two weeks to complete recommendations.

  • We use our own standard secondary school recommendation forms for Math, English, and guidance counselor recommendations. We do not accept electronic requests from Ravenna, Gateway, Boston Shared Forms, or from the private schools. Private schools accept our process.

  • Students need to provide their own writing samples to private schools if required. English teachers should not be asked to retrieve samples or provide feedback or editing on samples. Parent or guardian should encourage student to save samples prior to application process, or retrieve previous samples.

Deadlines and vacations:

  • Most private schools have a January 15th deadline. Due to December vacation, the release form needs to be submitted to the guidance secretary no later than December 9, 2020.

  • Members of the guidance office (secretary, counselor, department head) will not forward requests to teachers or counselors to write recommendations during any school vacation or summer break.

Questions should be directed to Margaret Toce, guidance secretary at 781-446-6235 ext. 5816, or via email as referenced above. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kate Mahoney, Department Head of Guidance, 781-446-6235, ext. 5719

Updated Release form .pdf
Student Activity Form.docx