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The Wellesleyan yearbook staff is pleased to design to 2020 publication for our community. This is a student-created publication. 
Every effort was made to be accurate with the content and coverage.  
As this is the only edition printed, we apologize in advance for any mistakes that are made during this educational process.

Any content replacement requests MUST be received directly from a student's parent/guardian.  
We DO NOT accept content request changes for names, class portraits, or ads from third parties.

SUP (Student Unification Program) is...
please direct all questions to that group

  • Order your 2020 Yearbook until December 3rd at $90 after December 3rd prices go up to $95 with the last deadline February 4th.

  • Final day to purchase and submit your senior ad is December 9th.

  • Select your senior portrait via Prestige online by December 12th.


1)  Do I have to have my Senior Portrait taken at Lifetouch Studios?

Lifetouch (PRESTIGE SENIOR PORTRAITS) is our official school photographer and you must complete a Senior Portrait session with them.  Lifetouch has many options for Senior Portraits and the sitting fee is $50.00. If you are unhappy with your Prestige image proofs for any reason, you are not obligated to pay for any additional sessions and may furnish a portrait of your choosing so long as it has a neutral or natural background..  Please call (781) 662-9448 if you have questions about your appointment.  Please select your senior picture via Prestige's site before January 30th!!!  

2.) It's the last week in January and I forgot to order my Senior Yearbook, is it too late?

Although you did miss the order deadline, we order a book for all members of the Senior class.

3.) I want to buy a Senior Family Ad, what do I need to do?

All you need to do is visit a local photo center and create the image(s) and text you want in the publication.  Some individuals elect to use a photo layout applications they are familiar with, such as those made available at photo centers for the purpose of creating Holiday Photo Greetings or photo collages. Payment should be made through the WPS payment site.  Once payment is submitted and confirmed, simply email your photo-ready materials to vinae@wellesleyps.org and the Yearbook staff will create your child's ad space.  

4.) How much does the yearbook cost and when is the order deadline?

No book orders are accepted after 1/31/20 (except SENIORS) however, we usually have books available for underclassmen purchase once the books are delivered in June. 

5.) When is the deadline for 2020 Senior Ads?

All ad orders and materials are due BEFORE 12/9/19

 Cost for Family Ads are:

              1/4 page $75.00

              1/2 page $135.00

              Full Page $260.00

The YB staff can accept most types of document formats (.doc, .ppt, .pdf. .jpg) however the images that have the best print outcomes are usually those saved in .jpg format with 300+ dpi.  Black and white, sepia or full-color photos work equally well for ads.  Please be selective about the images you wish to include in your ad (special childhood images are recommended).  Images that are deemed inappropriate for a community publication will not be included in the yearbook.  In other words, we ask that you save any questionable images for your personal Facebook page or family album.  


Full= 8X10  1/2=4X8  1/4=3.5X5 

If we receive an attachment that we can not open or read, we will email you and request the materials be sent in a different format.

The payment link for ads is on the WPS fee payment system under MS/HS activity fees.

Then scroll down to

The book COST for the 2019 Edition is:

SEPT-12/3/19 $90.00
12/4/18-2/4/20 $95.00
2/5/20-5/29/20 (SENIORS ONLY) $100.00

6) The ad order deadline has passed...will I still be able to place a senior ad?

While we are able to accept ads past the deadline, we can not guarantee space for your ad. We reserve a certain amount of pages for family ads, and once those pages are filled, we will no longer accept ad submissions.    

7.) I am not happy with my child's portrait. Does it have to be in the yearbook?

No, it is your choice whether or not to allow your child's portrait in the book. If you wish to remove an image, please email your request directly to vinae@wellesleyps.org 

Missing images will be replaced with a thematic icon for this year's edition.

8.) When if I forgot to pick up my yearbook?

All remaining books are left in the WHS main office in June. 


8 Ways that YOU can help the YBK staff

1.) ORDER your book EARLY 

2.) Make sure you family ad MATERIALS are COMPLETE (meaning the way you would like to see it in print when you submit it)

3.) LIMIT CHANGES (Replacing print, photos, etc.. increases the risk of print error....please try to get materials in to the staff correctly the first time)

4.) If you have a question...ASK!!!  The Editorial staff is always willing to help you.

5.) FRIEND US on Facebook!!!  We send out important information and notices

6.) If you have a question about your online book payment, please contact the WPS fee payment help site.  

7.) SUBMIT PHOTOS to the YBK staff...we love including as many high-quality images as possible

8.) Be KIND and UNDERSTANDING with the YBK staff....it is a student-run publication.  The staff gives 110% every day...and have only your best interests at heart.  They want the publication to be the highest quality product and with your help, that can happen.


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