This course will help world language teachers create a thematic unit using a backward-design template made for this purpose. We will explore why thematic units are powerful tools for teachers and students, distinguish between a topic and theme, study proficiency targets using ACTFL terminology, and begin to create our own thematic units based on current teaching assignments. As part of this work, we will create performance assessments in all 3 modes.


Be sure to bring an existing unit in need of an extreme makeover, and textbook for reference. Presenter examples are in French and can be adapted to any language. Because your unit will be for your particular classroom, the PDPs for this workshop will count as content PDPs.


Participants will learn how to:

            • Devise essential questions for a thematic unit

            • Write Can-Do Statements appropriate for course’s proficiency target

            • Select authentic materials for interpretive assessments

            • Create interpersonal and presentational performance assessments