• Ruth McLachlin
  • Katherine Obermeyer
  • Sophie Scofield-Selby


    An overwhelming majority of Wellesley College students are extremely busy, committed to multiple activities outside of the classroom, and often overworked. Wellesley women tend to prioritize their classes and activities over their own personal well-being. Students are often so concerned with their classes and other commitments that they struggle to maintain active awareness of how well they are taking care of themselves. Often, Wellesley students find it difficult to exercise regularly, drink enough water, eat healthily or get the necessary amount of sleep as they are so distracted by other responsibilities. It would be extremely beneficial, therefore, if it was somehow possible for Wellesley students to monitor their actions toward personal health and be reminded of simple steps toward wellness that they may be neglecting. Finding a solution to this problem would help to better promote self care on this campus.