Reading materials and handouts

Class notes
  • Introduction
  • Electoral College
  • Plurality vote
  • Ranked choice voting methods
  • Individual vs. group, some strange examples
  • Desirable voting criteria

Additional materials

Electoral College:Here is a website giving more details about the Electoral College.
 You can read more about the 2016 elections here and here.
Here is a site that encodes the difference between the popular votes and the electoral college votes for presidential elections since 1972.
All you need is 23% of the popular vote to win the Electoral College! Here is how.

Plurality vote:Here is a good summary of problems with plurality voting, some of which we talked about in class.
Here is a crazy example of vote splitting in a recent election in Massachusetts.

Here are more examples of the spoiler effect.

Other materials:Coming soon...

Studying and doing mathematics:Homework guidelines (not relevant in this class, but good to have)
How to study mathematics (shorter version)
How to study mathematics (longer version)