Office hours:Please take advantage of my office hours whenever you can. You do not need an appointment to come in. If you need help with the homework or material from class, if you feel that you are falling behind or that the material is consistently too difficult, or if you simply want to chat about anything, please see me. It is imperative that you talk me as soon as a problem arises so that we can fix it quickly. If you cannot make the office hours, feel free to contact me and we will arrange a time to meet. The best way to reach me is through email, although I cannot guarantee that I will reply to a message sent after 6 pm until the next morning or a message sent during the weekend until the following Monday. When communicating vie email with me or with each other, please follow the suggestions from the Wellesley College netiquette page.

Some things I will not do in office hours:  
  • If you miss class, I will not relecture the material in office hours for you, but will be happy to clear up any confusion you might still have after you have studied the notes and the textbook;
  • I will not tell you the solution to a homework problem.  I will give you hints or provide comments on the attempts you’ve already made, but it is up to you to figure out and write up the complete solutions;
  • I will not “pregrade” your homework.  In other words, I will not go over your solution to see if it is correct before you turn it in.  I will provide plenty of help to enable you to do the problem correctly, but your final solution should be only yours.  The goal is for you to gain confidence in your ability to solve the homework problems (again, with my help along the way), and relying on my confirmation that your solutions is correct will hinder this process.
Math helproom:You can get help from student tutors most Sundays through Thursdays, 7—9 pm, in SCI 362. For the exact schedule, see the math department website.  You do not need an appointment to attend these. Just show up and someone will be there to work with you on the homework problems or material from class.

Special arrangements:If you need special arrangements for the exams or any other aspect for the course due to religious observances or disabilities, please contact me as soon as possible. If you think you might need special arrangements, you should contact Disability Services.

Other resources:Variety of assistance is available to you through the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center. Your academic dean is also a good source of information and advice.