Kim Katris McLeod

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Professor of Astronomy
Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA 02481

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Team 24 (local)

Current research interests

  • Exoplanet transit measurements with our campus 24" telescope.  
    • Since 2012 my students and I have been collaborators on the very neat KELT project.  We've been on a bunch of KELT discovery papers, including KELT-18b on which I'm not just an 'et al.'!
    • As of 2018, I am a member of the TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) FOP (Follow-up Observing Program).  
Past research interests -- Complete pub list from ADS 

Former undergraduate research students
(in rough chronological order)

Rob Simcoe  Alice Shapley  Carrie Ryan  Sonya Rhee  Erin Condy  Alceste Bonanos  Carie Cardamone   Lindsey Deremer  Naomi Goldenson  Frannie D'Arcanegelo   Melissa Rice  Emily Bowsher  Rebecca Stol l Shelby Kimmel  Talia Sepersky  Amanda Zangari  Erin Martell  Allyson Youngblood Jaclyn Payne  Steven Mohammed  Ijeoma Ekeh   Matt Grossman   Lynn Geiger   Helen Ressler  Kerry Klemmer  Amy Tulay Guth  Kirsten Blancato  Anna Payne  Kerrin Arnold  Ashley Iguina  Rose Gibson   Anicia Arredondo  Ale Escamilla  Elif Samanci  Derrick Carr  Jenny Gubner  Casey Melton  Genevieve Markees  Nicole Ford  Leafia Sheraden_Cox  Chloe Shi