Kim Katris McLeod

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Professor of Astronomy
Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA 02481

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Current research interests

  • Exoplanet transit measurements with our campus 24" telescope.  My students and I are collaborators on the very neat KELT project.  Here are the KELT-4bKELT-6b,  KELT-7b, and  KELT-8b  discovery papers I'm on.

  • Near Earth Objects (NEOs).  Here's a 2015 Planetary and Space Science paper that quantifies why we need to act quickly after discovery if we want to measure NEO properties.

Past research interests -- Complete pub list from ADS 

  • Galaxies with supermassive central black holes.  Starting c. 1992 I used some of the world's finest telescopes including the Hubble Space TelescopeMagellan  and Gemini North, to investigate the host galaxies of quasars in the near-IR.   One early paper that helped to usher in the black hole-bulge relation was this one from 1995.  Here is a 2009 ApJ paper describing the most distant ones.  

  • Disks and giant planets around young stars and brown dwarfs--I have used the Hubble Space Telescope to look for them.  We think we've found a planetary mass object in the Taurus star-forming region ( 2010 ApJ Letter), and also a Taurus brown dwarf disk (2007 Ap J paper).  And here is a 2014 ApJ paper reporting on the bigger search.

Former undergraduate research students
(in rough chronological order)

Rob Simcoe Alice Shapley Carrie Ryan Sonya Rhee Erin Condy Alceste Bonanos Carie Cardamone Naomi Goldenson Frannie D'Arcanegelo Melissa Rice Emily Bowsher Rebecca Stoll Shelby Kimmel Talia Sepersky Amanda Zangari Erin Martell Allison Youngblood Jaclyn Payne Steven Mohammed Ijeoma Ekeh  Matt Grossman  Lynn Geiger  Helen Ressler  Kerry Klemmer  Amy Tulay  Kirsten Blancato  Anna Payne  Kerrin Arnold  Ashley Iguina  Rose Gibson  Ale Escamilla  Elif Samanci  Derrick Carr  Jenny Gubner  Casey Melton