Kim Katris McLeod

(on the left, a long time ago; a more recent picture is here)

Louise Sherwood McDowell and Sarah Frances Whiting Professor of AstrophysicsDirector of the Whitin ObservatoryWellesley CollegeWellesley, MA 02481(781)283-2709kmcleod-(at)

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Life history, in reverse

Other interests

    • Spending time with my husband and kids

    • Playing mandolin and listening to lots of music

    • Being active--Kung Fu (1st degree black belt 2019, 2nd degree black belt 2021, instructor 2022), biking to work, occasionally being upside down. I have also coached youth gymnastics, track, basketball, and soccer. And once upon a time I was a juggler.

    • Being outside--Needham forecast, satellite loop, radar loop, ClearSky

    • Astronomy ;-) And I still love APOD, even nonastronomical ones like this

Current classes--100 107 200 206 210

Current research interests

    • Exoplanet transit measurements

        • I am a member of the TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) FOP (Follow-up Observing Program). My students and I use our beautiful PlaneWave CDK700 to vet TESS candidates.

        • Previously we were KFUN collaborators on the very neat KELT project. On the KELT-18b discovery paper I'm not just an 'et al.'!

        • I've been at this a while. For fun I made my first exoplanet transit observation way back in 2001 after the first one had been discovered.

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