Graduate Profile

St Marcellin Catholic School Whanganui
Graduate Profile

St Marcellin students have Respect, Courage, Integrity and always show excellence.

When learners leave St Marcellin they will be faithful.
Learners will:
Have opportunities to build their relationship with God.
Live the Gospel Values through their relationships and interactions with others.

When learners leave St Marcellin they will be effective communicators. 
Learners will:
Verbalise their thoughts, opinions and feelings in an appropriate manner to the situation.
Make meaning and sense of a range of written texts. To be able to read, write and make connections to share understanding.
Be aware of and respond to the varied ways people communicate

When learners leave St Marcellin they will be competent thinkers. 
Learners will:
Independently reflect on learning, problem solve and find solutions using initiative and creative thinking.
Think critically, creatively and reflectively to make sense of information, experiences and ideas.
Independently form their own opinions and ideas, based on prior knowledge and new learning.
Confidently ask questions to clarify thinking.
Work effectively to collaborate with others. 

When learners leave St Marcellin they will show resilience. 
Learners will:
Have the skills to cope with life’s challenges.
Be confident in their abilities.
Challenge their limitations.
Persevere and learn from their failures.

When learners leave St Marcellin they will be effective self managers. 
Learners will:
Be able to competently take ownership of themselves and their learning.
Demonstrate self management across varied environments.
Take pride in their learning and strive to improve.
Proactively take steps to further their learning. 
Take ownership of their belongings.
Accept responsibility for their thoughts, words and  actions.
Understand the consequences of effective self management and ineffective self management.