The Friends of St Marcellin

Friends of St Marcellin are a group of parents, whanau, former pupils and teachers who participate an active part of our School, providing funding and support to the school trough a variety of social, pastoral and social endeavours.

The main fundraising venture is the annual gala.  This money will be invested in extra resources and learning activities for the pupils.

For information about the “Friends of ST Marcellin” please contact either; the principal or  the office administrator.

Some of the funds provided for the pupils include:

Past Purchases:

The expenditure of $13029.30 is made up of:
I Pads – replacement cost$2,500.00
I Pads – Purchase$4,071.75
Books In Homes$1,886.67
Playground Maintenance$983.25
Transport – School Picnic/Prizegiving/Jnr School$630.00
PTA Picnic$442.50
Classroom Consumables$1,203.30
Child Minding for Meetings$140.00
Prizegving/Leavers Dinner$90.00
Expenditure on PTA Equipment$300.00
Social Functions – BBQ Term 1$422.44
General Expenses$30.50

Past Purchases:

The expenditure of $11213.90 is made up of:
I Pads – replacement cost$5,000.00
Books In Homes$2,266.63
Playground Maintenance$875.31
Transport – School Picnic/Prizegiving$450.00
PTA Picnic$409.76
Classroom Christmas Decorations$377.50
Camp Fundraising$264.89
Prizegving/Leavers Dinner$217.00
School Trip – Rugby Show$120.00
Expenditure on PTA Equipment$64.79
Social Functions$28.20
General Expenses-$94.34

Friends of ST Marcellin / PTA Meeting Minutes: