Our People


Principal: Maia Williams

Deputy Principal: Simon Grant

DRS: Maia Williams

ICT: Ed Minell / Simon Grant

SENCO: Maia Williams

Mr Simon Grant - Totara Class - Year 7 & 8
Mrs Maia Williams - Maanuka Class - Year 2,3,4
Mr Francios Crous - Tawa Class - Year 5 & 6
Mrs Chelsea Kirby - Kowhai Class - Year 0-1
Mr Shaun Park: CRT Teacher & Principal Release
Mrs Sonya Judson: Deputy Principal Release

Support Staff

Office Manager: Phillipa Chapman

Caretaker/Cleaner: Aaron Mahony


Teacher Aide

Selina Wilks

Special Friends
There are many special people that are regularly involved with St Marcellin School, either through their roles in the community or by volunteering regular time...

Parish Priest: Father Dondon

Parish Secretary: Pat Rhodes

Young Vinnies Coordinator: Raewyn Udy
Classroom and Computer Support Person: Merle Manson
Student Support for Literacy: Alison Wescott

School Prefect Team 2018
Sandra Fernandez
Jisna Jaison
Ciara McKewen
Breana Evans-Giltrap
Madison McGrath
James Chapman