Life at St Marcellin School is underpinned by two sets of values: 

Catholic Christian values and St Marcellin values...

Catholic Christian Values

Our first set of values are the Catholic values that describe how we learn to be more like Christ. 
These values are taught through our R.E programme, modelled by our teachers and staff and reflect our Christian beliefs.

How do we show this in today’s world? Christian values are promoted and shown in the following ways:

    1. Support a child through World Vision. St Marcellin School pupils sponsor
      Elver Jose Valverde Canales from Nicaragua.
    2. Support a local food bank for those in need
    3. Mufti-days are held to support National initiatives (e.g. national disaster relief)
    4. Women’s Refugee is supported
    5. Christian songs are used to reinforce the Gospel messages
    6. Prayers / Karakia are said daily
    7. Gospel values and knowledge are taught as a subject
    8. Restorative justice is used as a means to promote pro-social behaviour
    9. Pupils attend Holy Family Parish for School Masses

St Marcellin School has a strong links to the following organisations; St Anthony’s School, St Joseph’s Parish, Marist Brothers,Sisters of St JosephSisters of St Joseph in Australasia, and our local Parish (Holy Family).

Additional websites to support Christian values:

    1. Life FM
    2. Caritas
    3. World Vision

We want to make the Christian faith interesting, real and relevant for our pupils.

St Marcellin Values

Our second set of values are unique to our school and have been developed by the School and Community. We have developed criteria for what these values would look like with our children and these are taught, modeled and promoted through our language and actions through the day.

Our first value is the foundation of all of our other School Values.
It is with Courage that we make the choices to achieve our other values. 


After Courage comes Respect. By respecting ourselves, others and property
we can build positive relationships and an environment where learning happens. 

Once we have Respect we can begin to learn what the “right thing,” is.
Then with Courage, we can do the “right thing.”

When we stand on the shoulders of Courage, Respect and Integrity. We can strive for Excellence. At St Marcellin this means being the best you can be, at whatever endeavour you undertake.