Online Safety
The following websites provide excellent search tools for children while they use the internet for research:

It is important that parents and Whanau know what their children are doing when they are are on the internet. The following information was presented to parents by Constable Rob Condor at an evening presentation. Constable Rob pointed out that as parents we need to check and see what web sites they are on and who they are ‘chatting’ with on their social media sites.

The following link will take you to the
St Marcellin Internet Safety Document. Just click to open. This is important information on keeping your child / children safe while they are on the internet)

You can also click here to access the Cyber Enabled Crime Guide (information by the NZ Police about cyber crime and cyber safety)

The following websites have activities that the children can participate in to increase
their confidence and ability in Mathematics.

Reading is a vital skill to learn. Here, you will find some websites that support your child’s reading development.... (contains American spelling) (ideas to use at home to encourage your child to read) (ideas by Sheena Cameron to use to promote reading comprehension) (comprehension strategies for senior students) (useful strategies to improve reading comprehension, based on providing support for people with learning difficulties but the ideas can be used by anyone)

More Fun Learning!