Rollout Process

iPads will be handed out to students at an iPad Rollout Event at each school.

In order to receive the iPad, the student must have turned in all required paperwork to the school.  The required information to be turned in is:
  1. Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (signed by parent and student)
  2. Student iPad Agreement (signed by parent and student)

When arriving to the event, students will go through the following stations before leaving with their iPad:
  1. Check in - Ensure all paperwork has been submitted
  2. Receive an OtterBox case
  3. Receive an iPad and put the OtterBox case on the iPad (turn on the iPad during this process)
  4. Connect to the WiFi and name the iPad
  5. Enroll the iPad to the Mobile Device Management Program
If the student knows all of the above information the process takes on average 5 - 15 minutes.