Apple ID Information

An Apple ID is required to download apps from the Apple App Store.  Students need to have access to an Apple ID, it does not need to be a new one or one solely for the students.   

Families can choose to utilize one Apple ID for all students or create an Apple ID for each student.  In order to create an Apple ID, there must be a unique email address for each Apple ID.  An email address can be created by utilizing programs such as gmail, ymail,, etc. Student addresses cannot be used as they cannot receive email from the outside, including Apple. 

A family or student can create an Apple ID online with a credit card.  If you do not wish to connect a credit card to your account you can follow the step-by step instructions with your iPad to create an Apple ID.

If a parent is creating an Apple ID for their student to access who is under 13 years of age, they must use their parent or guardian's birthdate of the creator of the Apple ID. 

The school district does not have access to student Apple IDs.  Therefore if you have an issue with your password or remembering your Apple ID you can get help from apple at:
How to Create an Apple ID 

How to Create an Apple ID without a Credit Card