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Ch 7 - Trig Functions

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Students will be able to…





Solve right triangles using special right triangles and SOH CAH TOA.
SOH CAH TOA : How to Solve a Right Triangle

Special Right Triangle Explanation

7Draw angles in standard position
Drawing Angles in Standard Position


 7 Find coterminal angles and determine if two angles are coterminal  How to Find Coterminal Angles (positive and negative) Degrees

How to Find Coterminal Angles (Theta in Radians)
 7 Understand radian measure and be able to convert between degrees and radians Introduction to radians Rotation by radians and quadrants
Example: Converting degrees to radians
Example: Converting radians to degrees
Introduction to the unit circle
 Radians on the unit circle

Degrees to radians

Unit circle trigonometry
 7 Determine a reference angle in degrees or radians  Reference Angle for an Angle, Ex 1 (Using Degrees)
Reference Angle for an Angle, Ex 2 (Using Radians)
Evaluating Trigonometric Functions Using the Reference Angle

 7 Evaluate a trig function at any angle (without a calculator) Finding Trig Function Values Given a Point on the Terminal Side  
 7 Evaluate inverse trig functions          Inverse trig functions: arcsin
Inverse trig functions: arccos
Inverse trig functions: arctan
 Evaluating inverse trig functions
 7 Graph the tangent function  Tangent graph 
 7 Graph the sine function  Example: Amplitude and period

Example: Graph, domain, and range of sine function
 Graphs of sine and cosine
 7 Graph the cosine function  Example: Graph of cosine

Example: Amplitude and period transformations

Example: Figure out the trig function

Determining the equation of a trig function
 Graphs of trigonometric functions