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According to "8 Characteristics of the 'Innovator's Mindset'" innovative teachers areĀ networked. Join our network today.

Why join WCIRA? (Inspired by and adapted from Andrew Marcinek's The Best 1:1 Device is a Great Teacher)

The "best devices" a school can employ are great teachers. WCIRA helps promote the development of great teachers.

Great teachers:
  • are adaptive: not tethered to a product but willing to try new ones
  • do not always require formal training
  • seek change (quality change) constantly

How does WCIRA help develop great teachers?

  • We offer a forum for sharing ideas (so we can adapt and seek change)
  • We bring real teachers, ideas, and resources to you (provide formal and informal training)
  • We are willing to seek out and bring programming our teachers request so we can seek change in a meaningful way