The Literacy and Math Intervention Team consists of specialized teachers in literacy and mathematics along with highly qualified paraprofessionals. This team encompasses both the literacy and Title I program.  We provide academic support for all classrooms at Tozer Primary School.  Our goal is to challenge students to overcome their learning obstacles and help each feel empowered and capable in their education.

Feel free to peruse our website to find out more information about our team, our services, parent resources, as well as important announcements.

Volunteers Needed
We are always seeking volunteers to read with students.  We would love to have you as part of our team!  
Please contact Kelsey Emery if interested: kelsey.emery@weldre4.org  686-8400 ext. 2148

Click here to learn about the Title I program.

Team Members:
Kelsey Emery: Intervention
Contact: kelsey.emery@weldre4.org
            686-8400 ext. 2148

Noelle Anderson:  Title I Reading and Mathematics
Contact:  noelle.anderson@weldre4.org
            686-8400 ext. 2120

Baylie Partridge: Title I Reading and Mathematics
Contact: baylie.partridge@weldre4.org