Welcome to Literacy & Math Intervention Groups! 
RtI InterventionTeam
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The Literacy and Title 1 Intervention Team consists of specialized teachers in literacy and mathematics. We provide academic support for all classrooms at Skyview School of STEM. Our goal is to challenge students students to overcome their learning obstacles and help each feel empowered and capable in their education.

A few things to know about Literacy and Math Interventions:
  • Students work with the intervention teacher in a small group setting.
  • Students receive targeted instruction based on their specific needs.
  • Students also receive math and reading instruction within their classroom.
  • Groups are ever changing! We progress monitor students on a regular basis to determine the students who need specific support.
We look forward to providing extra support for students at Skyview!

Cheryl Foster, Literacy Teacher  - cheryl.foster@weldre4.org - 686.8500 ext. 2220  

Terri Rozeski, Title I Literacy & Math Teacher - theresa.rozeski@weldre4.org - 686.8500 ext. 2235