Coach Klatt

  My name is Andy Klatt graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Kinesiology with an emphasis: physical education K-12 and an MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. I grew up most of my childhood in Breckenridge Colorado where skiing, working at a horse stables and outdoor activities played a vital role in my enjoyment. I moved to Arvada Colorado graduating from Pomona High School in 1995. I was fortunate to be part of two national championship teams at the University of Northern Colorado. 

Laps For Learning

     Physical Education is a gateway that provides children with skills that enable them to lead physically fit lifestyles. Encouraging our youth to be active is very important for modern health reasons. They also need to appreciate the health benefits of being active. Students need to be successful in all the basic stability, locomotor and manipulative skills for future implications of activity. David Gallahue best defines physical fitness as: Positive state of well being, influenced by regular vigorous physical activity, genetic makeup and nutritions adequacy. (Gallahue, 1995) I am a strong believer in the fact that children will not exercise and stay fit if they are not properly skilled or prepared to do so. 
    My role as a physical educator is to facilitate a positive learning experience for all my students by helping every child succeed and find his / her strength in physical activity. every student that leaves my program should have a better understanding of self worth and how one goes about improving it. I will strive to enhance the lives of my students through activity and movement.