Programming Options

Programming Overview

Gifted education programming includes a range and variety of options to address student needs. Programming is adaptable to the resources within our district and may be delivered within the student’s regular classroom, in classrooms at other schools and/or in special classes. Programming is linked to identified student strengths, with options and strategies matched to the identified academic and affective needs of students. Balanced programming must include the four components below in order to provide for the needs of gifted students:

▪Structure (where and when programming is provided)

▪Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction (how programming is provided)

▪Affective Guidance/College Planning (what student support is provided)

▪Content Options (what programming is provided)

Programming ultimately seeks development of the whole child so that gifted students become successful adults demonstrating self-esteem, self-efficacy and creative productivity. Therefore, learner outcomes in three main areas serve as the program focus for all identified students. It is our intention that gifted students will:

▪Perform at advanced and distinguished levels in their strength areas;

▪Acquire autonomous learning skills in order to become independent, lifelong learners;

▪Develop creative problem solving, questioning and presentation skills which can be applied to solving authentic problems in any realm.

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