Identification Process

Identification Process

Step 1:  Referrals are made by staff, parents, peers, or self.

Step 2: Specific student information is collected to determine the need for further evaluation. 

Step 3: If further testing is needed parent permission is requested.

If collected information indicates that the student is currently being served appropriately the student is placed on a watch list and may be offered enrichments and re-evaluated the next school year.

Step 4: Formal individual testing is conducted with the student.

Step 5: Body of evidence is evaluated and a decision is made.

Either the student is identified as needing an Advanced Learning Plan or the student is placed in the talent pool for further enrichment opportunities in the area of the student’s strength. Talent pool students will be re-evaluated in the following school year to see if the student qualifies for an Advanced Learning Plan or remains in the Talent Pool.

Identification Criteria


Formal identification may be done at any grade level. Measures may include any of the following:

·         Measurements of Intelligence

·         Measurements of Creativity

·         Measurements of Gifted Behavior

·         Measurements of Academic Aptitude


All Weld Re-1 students are screened in 2nd and 6th grade.  We are currently switching assessments. The 6th grade will be screened using the on-line CogAT screener in September/ October.

The second graders will be screened using the CogAT  screener in February.

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