The Cover

Everyone asks about the cover. It began as a plain black background with text. I generally believe that less is more. I didn't want anything fancy. Then a friend introduced me to Wordle, a fantastic application created by Jonathan Feinberg. Once I played around with it and saw what Wordle could do, I knew I had to use it to make the cover for Welcome to Scranton. The result is like the story--in your face and kind of shocking.

It took hundreds of Wordle generated covers to get it right. The colors had to be changed a few times. The words Welcome to Scranton had to be horizontal and go in the left to right direction. I thought I had it right until someone told me they thought the title was Welcome to Scranton Greg Halpin because my name was almost as large as the title. It was back to the drawing board until Wordle generated the cover that is now used.

The song you hear while watching the video is "Perpetuum Mobile" by Simon Jeffes, performed by the Penguin Cafe Orchestrafrom the album Preludes, Airs & Yodels (A Penguin Cafe Primer). You can purchase the album online at Amazon and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra shop.

This video could be titled The Evolution of the Cover.