Wraparound Services

As much as I like working for myself, I am a believer in collaborative work. This is not a contradiction, on the contrary: it has been my experience that people work better when they work together voluntarily. 
I don't think it makes sense to see a person in an office once or twice a week if their lives are falling apart on many fronts.this is why I often collaborate with other therapists, social workers, teachers, doctors and family members when working with someone who has a hard time functioning in the world. 

For teens who find it impossible to attend school for various reasons, I offer some consultation regarding alternative educational options, as well as thinking with the family about volunteer or work possibilities. High school is not the only possible way to enjoy being a teen and not the only way to get into college, if one desires to do that. 

For young adults who are suffering from mental illness wraparound services are an important part of figuring out how to live in the world. For some people residential or partial hospitalization programs are a good fit, for others we can work together to tailor a program that would best fit their needs. 

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