Study/Consultation Group

Attachment, Mentalization, Dissociation and Trauma

These terms frequently appear together lacking a clear definition and understanding of their relationship to one another and of their implications for clinical work. In this group we will:

  • Understand these concepts using terms grounded in clinical observation;
  • Describe relationships between these concepts using a coherent, unifying theory.
  • Discuss treatment strategies following from this theory. 

We will alternate presentations of readings and case material in an attempt to connect current theory to our  clinical experiences. Readings will include: Bion, Fonagy, Steiner, Winnicott & Shapiro. All readings will be available in electronic format for group members. 

 When: Every other Monday; 2:00- 3:30 starting September 9th
 Where: 2000 Dwight Way, suite D, Berkeley CA 94704
 There is no fee for this group

 For any questions and to register please contact:
Gary Whitmer: 510-548-0680  or      Orit Weksler 510-356-2783