Payment Options

Here are a couple of ways in which I receive payment:

Private pay: My full fee is $135 per session. This can be paid by check, credit card or PayPal. 
I have a sliding fee scale: which means that if you want to start therapy but can't afford paying $135 per session, please give me a call anyway. My regular scale is $135-$80 though I do have low fee slots at $50 per session that open up occasionally. 
I also provide special rates for teachers and young children

Insurance Payment: I am on the panel for Aetna and provide a super-bill for reimbursement if you have a PPO with an insurance company other than Aetna. On occasion, I will work with an insurer on basis of a single case agreement.  

Flexible Spending Accounts/ Health Spending Accounts: those are accounts you can set at a certain time in the year with your employer. This is pre-taxed money that can be spent on health related expenses. Therapy is one of those expenses, so this is a way to pay a bit less for therapy. 

Contact: 510-356-2783