Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

If you are an adult struggling with relationship issues, anxiety, depression or mental illness, please feel free to check out "how therapy can help adults" and psychotherapy A-Z 
Those pages will give you a sense of how I think about my work, you are welcome to call or email with any question before we set up a meeting. 

If you are a Parent who:

- Is seeking support through a transition time for your family
- Has a teen son or daughter who is exhibiting some concerning behaviors 
- Has a child whose needs are hard to meet
-Would like support in building a better relationship with your child or adolescent 

                                    Please look around and feel free to call or email me 

 I respect children. I respect their parents. In my work with parents I strive to offer a space in which new ways of thinking together may be possible.

Using Play-Therapy, expressive arts and sand tray therapy, I get to know children and build a relationship that is based on trust, warmth and curiosity. I believe that when a child feels safe they can begin to use play to make sense of the world. As a therapist, I am there to help facilitate this process. 

Teens who are returning from residential programs or those who are dealing with depression, anxiety and social problems are most welcome to look around my website, come for an initial meeting and find out if therapy could be a good option for them. It often is. A therapy relationship can be a very special experience for a teen who is struggling. 
A group is often a useful way for teens to stay connected and get support. I lead a social/therapy  Teen Group in that meets weekly in Albany.

Contact: 510-356-2783