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Regurgitator - Love & Paranoia (2008)

  • Australian band, album originally released in Australia in 2007 - featuring new girl-only band member
Love & Paranoia
Release Date: 2008
Record Label:

Track Listing
  1. Blood and Spunk
  2. Drinking Beer is Awesome!
  3. Romance of the Damned
  4. Love and Paranoia
  5. Hurricane
  6. Destroy This Town
  7. Psychic Dirt
  8. Sun Comes Thru My Window
  9. [Ad Spot]
  10. Magnetic
  11. Michelle
  12. Armageddon Premonition


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Regurgitator - Love and Paranoia

 09/02/2008 00:59:20  written by vu ()

[May 1996] tu-plang

[Nov 1997] Unit

[Oct 1998] Unit Re-Booted

[Aug 1999]

[Jul 2001] Eduardo and Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks

[Nov 2002] Jingles: The Best Of

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[Sep 2007] Love and Paranoia

I was going to have Australian Sally take up writing Regurgitator's triumph return to music with their sixth album, Love and Paranoia - but I just found out that it's released today, September 2nd (out in the UK yesterday), because they are doing a mini-tour of the UK. I am assuming if things are successful, they will eventually tour the US to promote the album.

I previously have mentioned the 'Gurge before, regarding their most famous album, Unit. The album won ARIA Award for Album of the Year that the record company (Warner Music Australia) went back and re-released it as Unit Reboot.

The band is fairly well known in Brisbane, Australia, down to their "secret origin" of the original three band members (Quan Yeomans, Ben Ely, and Martin Lee) meeting on a public bus in Brisbane, Australia.

The band was never popular in the US, despite their previous domestic efforts with Sub Pop's difficult title "I Suck a Lot of C*** to Get Where I Am" or on Reprise Records.

I obviously haven't kept up with Regurgitor, they had change so much from their beginning. With Love and Paranoia recorded in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the Summer of 2007.

Starting off the album with "Blood and Spunk", which is very 80s-sounding (think Kraftwerk or Devo). I can see why this single got them a ton of airplay on Australia's Triple J, especially with its catchy "just let yourself go go go go go go" chorus. The song is a perfect three-minute pop dance song, that's all there is to it.

I can see Regurgitator's oh-so-ironic humor on songs like "Drinking Beer Is Awesome!", "Destroy This Town", and "Romance of the Damned". Speaking of "Romance of the Damned", this is the new single, and features new fourth keyboardist girl Seja Vogel on vocals. It's pretty catchy and humorous. I love the "google" reference in the song, too nerdy!

Old fans might not like the addition of Vogel on vocals (she also sings on "Magnetic"), but I think she's actually pretty good! She has a very Humans League quality to her voice.

The last song on this album is a weird Yeomans vocals on "Armageddon Premonition". The vocals is obviously manipulated to sound like a robot with synth. I did enjoy this little experiment and the song left me wanting more.

If you love 80s synth and pop, you need to check out Love and Paranoia, it comes highly recommended by me. The album is available now (amazon is listing a ridiciously expensive price for a domestic version) and if you're lucky enough to be in the UK, be sure to check them out on a few tour dates.

Tour Dates
09/07/08 KING TUTS, Glasgow, Scotland
09/08/08 ACADEMY 3, Manchester
09/09/08 ULU, London
09/11/08 Warehouse party, Hong Kong, Kowloon City



From AAM


Sometimes it take a little time for news to travel around from the other side of the world, but Australia's BIGGEST electro-pop-punk jokers come up and out with their 6th full-length that sweats romance and fear - LOVE AND PARANOIA.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in late 2007, Love and Paranoia is a jungle of 80's inspired, keyboard driven pop-rock tunes featuring the hit singles "Blood & Spunk" and "Romance of the Damned". These Aussie mainstays - Quan [guitar/vocals], Ben [bass/vocals], Pete [drums], and Seja [keyboards/vocals]- jetted off into the great unknown to produce one of their most stylistically consistent albums to date. It was this turbulent Brazilian hotbed that provided the base for their latest musical manifestation. Amid the spectacular beauty of Rio and the rampant crime and poverty, they found themselves in a small studio camped under the looming Corcovado and the iconic Christo Redentor. The album was mixed in Sydney by the legendary Magoo and mastered in New York at WWSM with Alan Douches [Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds Five, Mastodon].

Love and Pananoia continues Regurgitator's penchant for recording in strange and exotic climates with four major label [Warner Records] releases - tu-plang [recorded in Bangkok], the triple platinum Unit [recorded in a run down warehouse in Brisbane with guest mixer Rob Cavallo], [recorded in Byron Bay], and Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks [recorded in Britain with Andy Gill from Gang of Four]; and then their historic fifth album Mish Mash! [Valve] that was recorded in a Bubble in Federation Square [Melbourne, Australia] live on cable TV and the Internet that launched the Band in a Bubble phenomena.

Veteran road warriors, Regurgitator have headline countless Australia tours, including the Big Day Out festival [6 times so far] and with the likes of The Prodigy, Red Hot Chili Peppers; the USA with Helmet and The Melvins; Europe with Filter and appearances at the Reading Festival; Japan [12 times] playing with the Boredoms, Zoobombs and at the Fuji Rock Festival; along with various festivals in Hong Kong and Singapore.

This year alone they have toured with New Pants (China), Buck 65 (Canada), and Ratatat and just this July they had the great honor of touring Australia with DEVO.
++  Australian rock mainstays who have garnered a worldwide following over their 14 year career
++  Love and Paranoia is their 6th studio album
++  Regurgitator is not only the original Band in a Bubble but co-concept creators
++  In June 2008 their debut album tu-plang was added to the Top 50 Australian Albums of All Time
++  Will tour the U.K. in early-September and Asia in October

Love and Paranoia Album Cover
Love and Paranoia

Blood and Spunk
Drinking Beer is Awesome!
Romance of the Damned
Love and Paranoia
Destroy This Town
Psychic Dirt
Sun Comes Thru My Window
[Ad Spot]
Armageddon Premonition