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Team Clermont CMJ Party! The Broken West, Miniature Tigers and Pattern Is Movement at Arlene's Grocery

posted Oct 10, 2008, 7:16 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Team Clermont

Team Clermont CMJ Party! The Broken West, Miniature Tigers and Pattern Is Movement at Arlene's Grocery, Friday, October 24th, from 3-6PM!

Join us Friday, October 24th at Arlene's Grocery for the Team Clermont CMJ Party. This year we have The Broken West (Merge), Pattern Is Movement (Hometapes) and Miniature Tigers (Modern Art) rocking from 3PM to 6PM. Arlene's Grocery is located at 95 Stanton Street between Ludlow and Orchard. Word.

Pattern Is Movement

"It takes special musicians to make a sound like this work, but three LPs into their career, Thiboldeaux and Ward seem to have it figured out, creating an accessible album that nonetheless sounds unlike anything any other band is doing." [7.9] - Pitchforkmedia, Check out their Guest List

Though the individual parts of All Together—the distinctive vocals, repetitive refrains, keyboard bleeps and jabs, laced with luscious strings and all held together by deconstructive beats—seem primed for a challenging listen, the end result is nothing of the sort....Each song is like a microcosmic journey, every one colourful and distinct..." [8/10] - PopMatters

The Miniature Tigers

"Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos and The Spinto Band are two bands we've focused on a bit lately. So, when I got an email introducing me to Miniature Tigers and then describing them as a cross between the two bands, I was pretty skeptical. That's a pretty tired formula from bands, managers and PR kids (Find bands the blogger likes and then tell them that your band sounds like that band).

Maybe this time they weren't being entirely untruthful. Not spot on, but not that far off. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, the now Los Angeles-based Miniature Tigers play pop music with that earnest emotion (my heart is srsly broken and it's all your fault!) that Margot brings and blends it with the more upbeat poppy good time sound and solid melodies that Spinto Band always comes with. So as you can guess, the dance-around sound is generally just a mask over some darker lyrical fare."
- My Old Kentucky Blog

"Like the product of an upbringing heavy on TV dinners and Saturday morning cartoons, creative force Charlie Brand -- with help from Rick Schaier (drums/vocals) and Eli Brandom (guitar) -- exudes a uncanny knack for playful jingle-like melodies just hinting at an under-the-surface melodrama. And with debut Tell it to the Volcano, which follows a pair of EPs dropped this spring, Brand expands the walls of his intimate bedroom ditties to full fledged indie-pop mini-epics, steeped in melodious hooks -- both instrumental and vocal -- and an array of lyrical topics as eclectic as the Tube's frequencies themselves." -

The Broken West

Fresh on the heels of their sophomore release for Merge Records, The Broken West will bring their deadly brand of power-pop to the party!

"With 2007's I Can't Go On, I'll Go On, L.A. foursome The Broken West presented itself as a solid though unspectacular retro-leaning pop-rock outfit, sort of like Fountains Of Wayne minus the snark. If The Broken West had continued down a similar path for Now Or Heaven, drawing on the jangly classic rock that countless other power-pop bands have recycled for decades, what was once pleasant likely would have become a stylistic dead end. Thankfully, Now Or Heaven sounds more modern than its predecessor—if a guitar-pop record can still be described as modern—with programmed beats and synth washes subtly placed among chiming six-strings and creamy choruses. More importantly, the songwriting is better this time around, with sharp hooks that draw blood once they grab on. On the stunning "Ambuscade," the record's highlight, driving guitars and bass slip and slither beneath an airy feeling of deep melancholy only hinted at on the debut. The Broken West once worked overtime to sound sunny, but Now Or Heaven suggests it was really more of an autumnal band all along. "
- The Onion A.V. Club