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Hugo Oak to release his first EP Brightly Dark at Amsterdam indie label KROOKS

posted May 28, 2016, 1:23 PM by Vu Nguyen
Hugo Oak releases his first 5-track EP ‘Brightly Dark’ at the Amsterdam based indie-label KROOKS. This release marks the end of an intimate 2-year journey between label and artist.


This journey started with just a couple of snippets, faced a writer’s block and Hugo overcoming that same writer’s block. Further on Hugo’s granddad passed away and in his honour, Oak decided to name himself after him. Later he finally graduated from the music academy and found the freedom to finish ‘Brightly Dark’ and to start his music career at KROOKS.

The EP can be labelled as accessible yet intelligent. Hugo Oak is an up in the clouds and deep underground musician. By using and combining intense sounds, he seeks to compose both down-tempo and uplifting tracks that will, in either case, make your blood flow a little harder. He uses a synth, a mic, a lot of FX, and the soul of his voice. It’s a process without rules, Hugo Oak produces anyway he wants to.


His voice makes you think he is an old soul singer. His productions have a North European existential feel to it. And a record like Phonograph sounds like an inspiration from the Berlin underground scene. The compositions are stubborn and can put the listener on the wrong track.

On June 10th KROOKS will host his release show at DOKA at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. There he will perform live in an intimate setting.


+ KROOKS is the new Amsterdam-based indie label by Djordje Petrovic (Satori) and Fenno Verdaasdonk. Last year they entered the label scene with innovative releases by Arjuna Schiks, Satori, Spaceandtime, RQUE and Bremer. Their releases are adventurous and stubborn. The label only signs established names that venture into doing things completely different or avant-garde talents who dare to produce new sounds. +


‘Brightly Dark’ by Hugo Oak will be released on the 30th of May 2016.