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I would like to take this moment to welcome both you and your child to Kindergarten! I feel enormously blessed to begin another INCREDIBLE year here at Webster School. This year marks my 13th year in the classroom, four of which, I have had the pleasure of spending in first grade, and this marking my ninth year in Kindergarten. Every school year in your child's life is special, but there is something about Kindergarten that is simply MAGICAL!

I strive to cultivate an environment for your child that is both academically stimulating and nurturing. Each day, the students in my class are encouraged to "Be the best YOU can be!"

It is my experience that everyone learns differently and everyone needs different things to learn. Our classroom provides a comfortable environment through which children can interact, explore, and discover. Though teaching is my passion, it is teaching YOUR children that is my sincere PLEASURE. I am looking forward to a positive and successful year for us ALL.