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Mail that works. Lots of storage. Mobile access. Oh yeah, and the best spam blockers you can find.  

Why businesses use GmailTM for professional email accounts

  1. Get control of spam – Advanced filters keep spam from your inbox so you can focus on messages that matter.

  2. Keep all your important email – 25 GB of storage per user lets you keep just about anything you think may be important down the road.

  3. Unified communications – Email, instant message, and make high-quality voice and video communication without launching a separate application. IM from your inbox.

  4. Find old messages instantly – GoogleTM search technology is built in, so you can find emails and instant message conversations quickly. Find emails fast.

  5. Prevent data leaks - Create custom inbound and outbound policies to keep sensitive information safe with Email Security.

  6. Interoperability - Sync your Microsoft Outlook email and contacts with Gmail.


"Why move our internal email infrastructure to Gmail? Because I get all the upside of a huge scale upgrade, and I don't need to revise my budget or put extra equipment in my server rooms or add internal support to ensure uptime, or even teach users to use it. It's a natural."

– Mike Campbell, Director of Information Technology, Eli Research, Inc.

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