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About the [Un]lucky girl

"Writing this book was a sort of therapy itself"

Writing 'The [un]lucky girl?' started out as a very tearful, emotional conversation between my wife and I. In many ways it was more of a monologue in which Michelle described to me all the pain and the sadness that she had experienced in losing both her mum and step mum to cancer during her childhood.

I had always known of the tragedy of her childhood, but that afternoon at the table was the first time Michelle had discussed what it had done to her emotionally, to witness and try to manage the enormity of seeing a parent dying.

It came about because I had begun to see a therapist myself and had wondered aloud to Michelle if something similar might be of help to her. Michelle indicated that she didn't wish to speak intimately with anyone else, but felt expressing all of her thoughts to me might prove therapeutic in itself. It was a very upsetting, emotional afternoon for us both.

Over the weeks that followed we put Michelle's thoughts and experiences down on paper, and for a few years left it at that.

We had been homeless by that time and were in the process of finding our feet once again. It was evident to both of us that something positive could come from our experiences, something that might help others to find strength in trying times, but the book didn't seem to have an ending so it remained partially written.

Unbeknown to us, the book was, even then, still writing itself, as over the next few years we would go on to form our own company and begin to take our lives forward once again, which, in the end, culminated in us finishing the work on the novel that we had started several years before.

We are both very proud of the book because it is a reflection of what we have been through and how far we have come as people and as a couple. Its themes of love, spiritual searching, and triumphs against adversity are ones that feature in much of my work, and I think any path that is worth taking in life will inevitably bring about such challenges, often testing us to our very limits

All profits from the sale of this book are split equally between St. Wilfred's Hospice and the St. Mungo's homeless charity.

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