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About Aside from the Apocalypse

Want to know what inspired me to write Aside from the Apocalypse? 

Writing pulverises boundaries. It doesn't matter what your financial status might be, or how restricted your actual life is, there is always somewhere you can find a pen and some paper, or a keyboard and a word processor, and that's all you need to set off on the most spectacular of adventures.

I began writing Aside From The Apocalypse after a period of contemplation.

It wasn't necessarily a conscious thing, but Andreus Spillotano was born from this introspection, a man espousing many of the facets of depression, anxiety, self doubt, and sadness at the state of the wider world that I felt myself. I found him in a world of the near future, where our cities are like islands separated by vast expanses of desolate, post apocalyptic landscape.

As I began to explore his home, New London, learning of the political unrest that had caused a human made apocalypse, I found two young characters in a ransacked penthouse, Indigo and Orpheus. I needed an adventure, as did the man whose eyes I was looking through, and these two young, fresh, vibrant characters, knew of one, and weren't letting anything stop them from attaining it.

And so it began.

The book looks at the subtle, changing political landscape and the likelihood, in my opinion, that any apocalypse we do face will be one of our own making. It considers the very real dangers involved with giving power to a small minority and the likely abuse of that power that would inevitably follow.

The book looks at, in particular, the shrinking european political landscape and wonders over whether a singular, centralised power can ever be a good thing when considering history and what we have witnessed in the past when too much power has been afforded to too few.

The book also has a spiritual slant as the adventurers search for a legendary guru to help them find their way in the fractured new world they are trying to survive in.

I have yet to meet anyone who is perfect, but it is always moving and special to encounter anyone who is trying to learn and better themselves.The heroic characters within Aside From The Apocalypse are sexual creatures, they dabble with drugs, they have questions, insecurities, self doubt, but they are good people with good hearts, trying to find their way. They are also brave enough to realise that to truly learn, it is often better to search something out for yourself, and make your own choices and decisions with that information to hand, rather than to follow what an organisation claims is the right and only way.

Sex and sexuality has always fascinated me, and I have not been afraid to experiment in my life. Witnessing, as a teenager, the break up of my parents marriage, something caused by adultery, has definitely influenced my own choices and my need to explore my sexuality in a free and open way.
Finding a happy balance with this and the strong spiritual beliefs I hold has been a challenge that I continue to tussle with philosophically. I guess that's why life is a journey.

And so there are strong sexual elements within Aside From The Apocalypse. Indigo is an unapologetic, sexually liberated modern woman devoid of hangups. Her husband, Orpheus is similarly at ease with both his body and his sexual desires. Between them they have forged a sexual honesty that marries well with their spirituality.

However, the sexual misadventures of Andreus are as significant for where they have led him in his life to that point. A divorced, single man, he has never quite dared to fully uncover his own sexual leanings. Opportunities for this present themselves when the adventure begins, and along the way he has several experiences before finally meeting a woman and falling in love in less conventional circumstances.

Loyalty, compassion and staying strong in the face of adversity are also themes that feature strongly, and all the heroic characters must deal with hardship in some capacity along the way.

More about the characters and story coming soon........

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