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About Hugberry

Why did i Write Hugberry? What was my inspiration and reasoning?

I often listen to politicians speaking on television and it strikes me how tenuous a grasp on real day to day living any of them actually have. It doesn't matter what generation we are from or how many years we have lived this never seems to change. Political orientation is no boundary to the misinformed, bumbling politician, and often the most well meaning seem to be the most clueless when it comes to real issues afflicting real people.

It was a consideration of this, and how it might ever change, that led me to writing 'The Reformation Of Hugberry Mullett.' I had begun to theorise that the greatest problem society has is that most politicians are, similarly to many other human beings, largely selfish, self absorbed individuals.

Moreover, there seemed an almost perverse twist to the affliction of those seeking power - the educated ones had no life experience at the coal face, and the ones that had at least peered down the mine shaft were rather less competent and obviously less commanding in the theatre that is politics.
It led me to surmise that in order to truly make an impact on our society, to truly be a voice for good, a person would need not only a keen intellect, but an education to mould that intellect. But this would require a further, brutal grounding in life's hardships to provide the necessary knowledge to go forthwith as a well rounded individual, properly equipped to help and serve the people.

I surmised that a person would need to have experienced many differing lives to ever truly be able to understand and empathise with the many lives being led by society's people. Any individual who had done so would surely be devoid of ego and the arrogant pomposity that we see all too often in those vying for, and holding power. Rarely are the power hungry stung into action without their own interests being most glaringly at hand.

And so the duplicitous, deviant Hugberry Mullett was born. I set out with him to discover whether a politician of dubious worth and even more dubious character might manage if given the opportuity to learn the greatest lesson of all - how to be a better person, and how to better help others.
I was unsure how he would fare and what we would discover about him as his adventure unfolded, but in his own way he did me proud, in the end, though his own fallibility still proved his undoing when all was said and done.

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