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I recall, as a child, watching my grandfather light a cigarette using his car's in built lighter. I remember watching him depress the lighter, my gaze fixed on the strange object as it popped back up in readiness. I stared keenly at the glowing, red hot rings as they touched the end of the cigarette, marvelling at how it caught light and suddenly began to smoke.

My grandfather went back inside the house to find out what was holding up my grandmother. I sat alone in the car, staring at the cigarette lighter. He had told me that it wasn't a toy, that I wasn't to play with it, that it was hot and it could hurt me. But how hot was it? I needed to know.

I depressed the lighter, watching it, waiting for it to pop up in readiness. I knew I wasn't suppose to touch it, but I couldn't stop myself. It popped up, I pulled it out, staring at the intricate circles of metal glowing back at me in heated anticipation. Then I pushed my finger firmly downwards, the heat began to burn into my finger, and I started to scream.

It wasn't enough for me to have been told by someone that the cigarette lighter was hot, I needed to know hot hot, I needed to feel and experience it first hand. I couldn't just accept what someone had told me and be done with it.

In essence, that, combined with a creative instinct that has always been with me, is why I write. I want to know why we are here, why something is as it is, I need to understand.

I believe writing should have a purpose, and a story a reason for being told. I also love the adventure that writing can bring. New worlds can be explored, new people met, magical experiences can be had. Without such opportunity I would not be able to breathe, with it, even in troubled times, I know there will always be somewhere I can visit, explore, and run amok in.

I think without doubt that the journey I have made to this point has been invaluable to me both as a human being and as a writer, for the things I have witnessed, the lessons I have learned and the knowledge I have gained are elements I would hope can be found in my writing. Being homeless and experiencing life on the street is an obvious example, but there are many others too.

Much of my quest for understanding has a spiritual slant, something that is in evidence in my writing. A search for greater meaning has encompassed the majority of my adult life, and continues to do so. The characters I create are often extensions of this, searching out meaning for me as they tackle whatever adventure or challenge confronts them.

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