WebPagetest 2.7


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co https://webpagetest.googlecode.com/svn/tags/webpagetest/2.7/

Changes from WebPagetest 2.6:

Web Server

  • Added Speed Index as a metric
  • Added support for viewing Chrome dev tools timelines when they are captured as part of a test (under advanced settings)
  • Added support for using S3 as an archive location for old tests
  • Added support for scanning for custom rules (regex checks)
  • Added displaying of images in the waterfall request details pop-up
  • Fixed displaying of text bodies in the waterfall request details pop-up
  • Fixes to integration with Mobitest mobile agents (HAR processing)
  • Fixed email notifications when tests complete
  • Fixed the ability to publish tests to the public instance for sharing

Test Agent

  • Improved Chrome/Firefox agent:
    • Fixes to support Firefox 9 and Chrome 18+
    • Added support for custom viewport sizes
    • Added support for capturing a dev tools timeline from Chrome agents
    • Added support for capturing a network log from Chrome agents
    • Added support for detecting page-level navigation errors
    • Added support for specifying custom Firefox prefs through a script command
    • Improved reporting of SSL requests in Chrome
    • Improved browser installer logic to detect and re-install broken browser installs
    • Improved the accuracy of the measurement of the onload event in Chrome
    • Fixed a case where the end of a test was being extended by network activity that should not have been measured (incorrect fully loaded times)
  • Improved IE Agent:
    • Added reporting of the "download initiator" for IE 9+
  • Improvements common to both agents:
    • Fixed an issue where the agents could crash when checking certain content for minification
    • Added support for scanning for arbitrary regex matches in response bodies (custom rules)