WebPagetest 2.6


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co https://webpagetest.googlecode.com/svn/tags/webpagetest/2.4/

Changes from WebPagetest 2.5:

Web Server

  • Waterfalls are now interactive (including the waterfall in the filmstrip view)
  • Changed pie charts from images to interactive javascript graphs
  • Fixed an issue when parsing API submissions for Chrome or Firefox that did not include connectivity
  • Added support for reporting the console log (on the screen shot page if reported by the agent - Chrome only right now)
  • Navigation Timing times are displayed in the waterfall and on the details page for Chrome and Firefox
  • Sensitive data now only obscures cookies in request/response headers instead of deleting all headers
  • Improved relay support (tester and location lists now cascade)

Test Agent

  • Improved Chrome/Firefox agent:
    • Firefox 7+ Support Fixed
    • Chrome 16+ Support Fixed
    • Agent can now automatically install and update the browser and supporting software (see wptdriver.ini)
    • W3C Navigation Timing times are reported
    • Console log is reported for Chrome
    • Fixed content blocking
  • Improvements common to both agents:
    • Improved the start render detection to detect the rendering of text-only pages
    • Added support for capturing response bodies for text resources